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StrategyFolk, your Technical Human Capital Partners

Hiring the best technical folk is about much more than hiring the best technical folk 

Most firms aren’t able to hire the best technical folk. They could not hire Bill Gates, no matter how much money they offered. Or Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, regardless of how much they wanted them. Why? Because none of them have university degrees, a mandatory requirement in most firms. 

There’s another, more practical limitation. Market success and reputation require key people to team effectively and present ideas clearly and compellingly. Yet these can be some of the least-developed skills in otherwise brilliant people. The gaps are usually dealt with by a blend of tolerance, containment, or substitution. None of these are satisfactory and all will invariably compromise strategic ambition and internal harmony.

These realities drive our business. Sure, we can absolutely identify and source excellent technical candidates as well as anyone and better than most. But to find you the truly right people, we have to deliver you properly rounded people: Candidates who can work collaboratively across a range of different styles; who can articulate complexity in straightforward terms, and who will constantly refer and defer to the bigger picture.


We are set up to both find and “round” good candidates. Our renowned services include thoroughly checking the brief and, if required, advising on its underlying strategy; conducting deep, global executive searches or straightforward local recruitment, and preparing and upskilling candidates in teaming and communication. We are so different, and so much more than just another agency!

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How we help

At StrategyFolk, our mission is to form exceptional teams by identifying outstanding individuals. We look for those who possess strong technical skills and thrive in a collaborative culture that promotes learning and inspiration, regardless of their level of experience or seniority. Our primary goal is to build teams that are both highly skilled and supportive, creating an environment that enables everyone to achieve their full potential.

At StrategyFolk Executive, we are confident in our ability to assist our clients in achieving success. Our close collaboration with their board of directors, chairman of the board, and CEOs ensures that we identify exceptional executive talent that will lead the company towards progress. Our methodical approach guarantees that we only consider the most accomplished industry professionals to handpick the ideal candidate for our clients' executive team.

Our team comprises skilled professional’s adept at various search techniques that allow us to discover superior talent across numerous industries. By collaborating with us at StrategyFolk Executive, your executive team can focus on sustaining your company's triumphs instead of fretting over any gaps in their leadership line up.

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Driving impact beyond our walls

Executive Search

Sourcing and deploying contractors can look deceptively simple - match the task with the skill set and take comfort from the fact we can terminate them immediately if they don’t deliver, or upset people. But the reality is somewhat different. Contractors are very good at playing the “narrow scope" game, when you may require a tad more flexibility; this is especially true for "discovery" activities where next steps are determined by recent findings - eg in data analysis or compliance. They may federate, meaning managing them becomes a tougher job. And by definition, there is insufficient permanence for detailed planning.

We aim to take as much care in sourcing contractors as we do senior executives. For instance, specialising as we do in FS, we tend to know the good, the bad and the ugly projects with which individuals have been associated; so we can dig behind the rapture of the resume. We can also aid you in crafting, enhancing and streamlining your procedures, to give you the best shot at delivering the desired outcomes on time.

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The Big Bang

Outsourced Recruitment

Our approach to coaching is wholly outcome-driven. That means that we get our clients where they need to be, with the confidence to go off-piste when appropriate and an embedded appreciation of working in different teams with different styles. This benefits both organisation and employees, leading to a higher productivity and RoI for both parties. In parallel, it also helps ensure that the employee is well-prepared for the next step within the firm and that the incidence of elevation error is minimised.  

Strategy Folk’s hands-on coaching draws on our team's extensive real-world experience and is tailored to individual needs. In particular, we help develop immediately applicable leadership and technical skills - we are long on pragmatism and key principles and short on theory. We understand the difference between leadership and management and how to balance both effectively.

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To progress, plan well

Coaching & Advisory

Ready to hire the best techincal folk?

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