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About StrategyFolk

There was once a very frustrated recruiter ...

Frustrated because whilst her firm’s processes were undoubtedly efficient, they were the same as every other recruiter’s and none truly delivered the promised levels of excellence. One day, whilst sitting across from a client, she contemplated the simple reality that for the slides to make sense, everyone had to view them from the same side.


So, what if recruitment itself started from the same side as the client ie. with the desired outcomes, and the processes and practices flowed from them, rather than vice-versa?


The reverse engineering which followed is both the genesis and the promise of StrategyFolk.  

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So, we thoroughly check and challenge yours, or even help you create it. We check that the targeting and likely fit make sense, including developing a profound sense of how it will feel once any given candidate is actually working in your organisation. We stand ready to help ensure that the selected candidates develop in and beyond their roles. And we are always about doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Having embarked on that journey, we are convinced it’s the right route. The 'right outcome' - for all concerned - starts with the right brief. 

Our Mission, Vision and Values are as straightforward as our commitment to diversity

To do this effectively, we absolutely have to understand the true ambitions and culture of the leading destinations (hiring firms). This means we take the time to build 360 pictures of both and ask questions that rarely occur to others. 

Our mission is to forge enduring connections with exceptional professionals in our chosen sectors. 

becoming the go-to ally for companies looking for technical recruitment, learning and development, and consultancy services.

Our vision of success is simple: 

We always offer the highest standards of respect, integrity and transparency and expect the same in return. We are not afraid to walk away from briefs, colleagues or candidates where the reciprocity is lacking. There is nothing you can’t ask us and there is nothing we will agree/promise which we won’t deliver. 

Our values are in our DNA.

is driven by the opportunities and ideas it creates, not by mere compliance or virtue-signalling. We ask, "why not?” rather than, "why?" when confronted by something or someone different. After all, that’s how our own team came into being! 

StrategyFolk's profound commitment to diversity

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