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Welcome to StrategyFolk
We are your Technical Human Capital Partners

Strategy Folk is a very different resource sourcing firm, uniquely qualified to truly deliver the technical expertise that others only promise.

StrategyFolk is a renowned Recruitment, Executive Search, and Coaching Firm that has gained global recognition for delivering unparalleled services. Our expertise lies in providing human capital services and recruiting talented individuals for the technical and AI markets, giving us a leading edge in this field.


Our team of specialists is dedicated to finding the ideal candidate for our clients, particularly in areas where there is a scarcity of skilled professionals. We conduct a comprehensive global search to identify outstanding individuals who possess the ability to think innovatively, remain composed under pressure, and prioritize excellence over personal gain.

It's a technical world

Our experienced recruiters work closely with your hiring managers to identify individuals who possess the necessary skills to help your company achieve its goals. Thanks to our strong industry connections, we have access to the most qualified candidates in the market, enabling us to find the perfect fit for your team quickly. With StrategyFolk's technical recruiters supporting your hiring managers, you can rest assured that you're in good hands. From sourcing to screening, we handle everything, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Looking for top-tier employees in today's competitive business world can be overwhelming. But don't worry, our recruitment process is designed to prioritize quality and help you find the best candidates for your team. 

How we help

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Executive Search

How we help

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Outsourced Recruitment

How we help

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Coaching & Advisory

Departments we can place for

StrategyFolk supports several core departments in the technical world




Data analytics

Quantitative analytics






It’s about collaboration

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At StrategyFolk, we strongly believe that diversity in multiple dimensions is a crucial factor for a company's success. We understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive work environment which drives creativity, productivity, and ultimately performance. Our team works diligently to comprehend the unique needs of our clients, enabling us to produce a culture of collaboration tailored to their requirements.

Where extraordinary and diverse minds 

come together

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